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St John's Primary School, Coleraine

Eco Council

Our school's Eco Council is now in its sixth year.

We are proud of our Green Flag, which this year, we are renewing for the second time.  The Eco Council lead the way in order to promote a ‘Green Environment’.  The four areas we are focusing on developing this year are:

  • Biodiversity 
  • Recycling
  • Energy 
  • Healthy lifestyles

We are developing the outdoor areas of our school which can be used as an outdoor classroom.  Children and staff love opportunities to develop and enhance outdoor learning to support learning in the classroom.

Recycling is an area which we can all develop not only at home, but at school also.  Each class has a compost bin which is emptied twice weekly by our Eco Council. We collect old batteries in our battery caddies, collect clothes and textiles twice a year. We hope to organise more recycling drives so keep a look out in the Weekly Note!

Reducing our Energy consumption is the third area we are focusing on.  Twice weekly, our Energy Monitors monitor all the classrooms (and even the offices!) to ensure lights, computers and interactive whiteboards are switched off when not in use at break and lunch time.  The energy monitors leave each class a score and tell them how they can be more energy efficient for the next spot check. 

We promote healthy lifestyles and the well-being of our children here in St. John’s. We create a supportive, safe environment that will give pupils the confidence to learn. Throughout the school we actively promote health through the curriculum, encourage pupils and staff to be more physically active both in and out of school; we promote walk to school days and encourage our children to walk, cycle or scoot to school. It is our aim to help equip pupils with the knowledge, skills and attitudes which provide springboards to future long-term health.

Check back here to see how you can support our Eco Council and keep an eye out on the Weekly Note.