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Schoolbags and lunchboxes are now permitted. Please wipe down each day. | Please download Seesaw family app to help with blended learning.
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St John's Primary School, Coleraine

School Staff

Principal – Mrs Helen McDonnell

Acting Principal - Mr C. Burns

Teaching Staff

Year 1

Miss A. McNicholl

Year 2

Miss N. O’Neill

Year 3

Mrs A. McCullough

Year 4

Mrs J. Lenehan

Year 5

Mrs C. McClarey

Year 6 and Senior Teacher

Mr C. Burns

Year 7

Miss M. O’Neill

Additional Foundation Stage Teacher

Mrs R. DeCock

Ancillary Staff

Teaching Assistants

Mrs K. Fillis

Ms S. McCorriston

Ms L. J. Lundy

Ms M. McLaughlin

Mrs E. Kerr

Mrs A. Barr

Miss C. Thompson

Senior Clerical Officer

Mrs R. Hamilton

Supervisory Assistants

Ms L. Cook

Mrs S. Reid

Mrs M. McDaid

Breakfast Club Supervisors

Mrs K. Fillis

Ms K. White

After School Supervisors

Ms S. McCorriston

Ms K. White

Ms. L. J. Lundy

Ms. M. McLaughlin

Miss C. Thompson

Building Supervisor

Mr S. Reynolds


Mr S. Reynolds

Ms L. Cook


Mrs R. Dillion

Catering Staff

Ms L. Hemphill

Ms A. Black

Crossing Patrol

Ms M. Laverty