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St John's Primary School, Coleraine

Our School

Mission Statement

The children of St. John’s are at the heart of everything we do. All members of St. John’s school community are committed to providing a learner centred environment where the interests and aspirations of everyone are catered for. We have high expectations of all members of our school community and we strive to provide our children with high quality learning and teaching experiences. We are a self-evaluative school as we are consistent in our approach to everything we do and we are always striving to make our best better. We are committed to doing this whilst celebrating our Catholic ethos and building a safe, caring, nurturing and happy environment whilst growing in God’s love.

Here at St. John’s we know that happy children make happy learners and we delight in celebrating our children’s achievements in effort and attainment, both in and out of school. All members of St. John’s school community will help and support all children including those with additional needs to allow them to reach their full potential and make a positive contribution to society as adults.

Through a range of high quality and stimulating learning experiences, our children will become independent learners with a wide skill set in all areas of the curriculum. All members of St. John’s school community are lifelong learners.

Developed in consultation with Staff, Governors, Pupils and Parents – May 2019