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St John's Primary School, Coleraine

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is software designed for schools to monitor the progress of children’s reading over a period of time. Children in Years 4 to 7 participate in the programme. They do this by completing a Star Reading Assessment online (at the start of each half term) which usually takes a minimum of twenty minutes. The software analyses the child’s responses to each question and assigns a Book Level and Points Target for the child to work towards in the next six weeks. The class teacher monitors the children’s progress and identifies any child requiring additional support with their reading. Each child is given their Points Target along with their Book Level which they use to select reading material. Once the child has read the book, they complete an online quiz which gives them immediate feedback on how successful they have been. If the child has passed the test they earn points towards their target. The children are all highly motivated to make progress with their reading and at the end of each half term we have an awards ceremony to celebrate children reaching their points target.  We have several members of ‘Millionaire Club’ as they have read one million words.